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See the lodging and ticket packages on this page to make sure you’re ready for the 2023 Allstar World Championship!

View Our Lodging Packages and Commuter Ticket Packages for the Allstar World Championship, May 4-7, 2023!



General Information

 Program/Gyms must be registered with accurate rosters for event prior to parents/guest registering for a Guest Account.

Guests that register prior to the Gym/Program registration will NOT be linked to your Gym/Program account. You will not receive credit for your athlete in your Hotel Travel Package or receive athlete park ticket rates if you are not linked to your Gym/Program.

Refunds will not be issued to guests who are not linked to a Gym/Program, please make sure your Gym/Program is registered first.

$100 non-refundable deposit is required per account to hold hotel rooms/park passes. If deposit is not received upon creation the guest account will be deleted.

If final payment is not made by the payment due date, park passes and hotel rooms cannot be guaranteed and The Allstar World Championships has the right to cancel account. Refunds are NOT available after the final payment due date.


Payment Deadlines

$100 Non-refundable deposit is due upon submitting guest registration. If deposit is not received upon creation the guest account will be deleted.

●  3/22/2023 – Due date for changes to Guest Registrations

●  3/29/2023 – Payment is DUE IN FULL for all Guest Registrations.

If the account is not paid in full by the above deadline The Allstar World Championships has the right to remove all account items and hotel reservations. Refunds will not be issued.

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations after 3/22/2023 are NON-REFUNDABLE Cancellations will not be accepted/processed/refunded after 3/22/2023. Hotel Travel Packages will be based on availability.

The Allstar World Championship cannot guarantee any hotel room availability or other items past 3/29/2023.

The Allstar World Championship is not responsible for issues regarding hotel rooms. Issues included but not limited to: mold, pet hair, loud and/or intoxicated people, allergic reactions, bad service, dirty rooms, incorrect information given by hotel employees in regards to Open / ASWC events and/or refund policies.


Note: Athlete registration fee will be paid for by the Program/Gym and will be on their accounts invoice. Parent payments will not be applied to the Program/Team invoice.

●  Battle round and at large bid athletes who are staying on a Hotel Travel Package will receive a $169 credit on the guest registration invoice the athlete is linked to. Athlete registration is built into the Hotel Travel Package cost.

●  Paid bid athletes receive a complimentary park pass. A total credit of $300 will be applied to the guest registration invoice. This complimentary park pass is NOT AN ADDITIONAL PARK DAY but a credit for 1 of the 3 days included in the hotel travel package.

●  If the program/gym has not paid their balance by the due date, this credit will be removed. The parent/guest will be responsible for the amount due.

●  Rosters MUST be entered by program/gym in order to attach the athlete to your hotel reservation and receive credit. Credits will not be issued or added until rosters are entered and the athlete is linked.

●  Commuter Packages should not be purchased for any occupant registered on a Hotel Travel Package. Additional park passes are not needed. If guest/parent purchased additional park passes that are not needed, parent/guest must request removal before payment deadline.

The Allstar World Championship WILL NOT refund any package items after payment deadline and/or at park pass pick up.


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